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Traveling to Bali

We have compiled some info which is to be taken with a grain of salt and may be inaccurate or not applicable in some cases


From our Experience

Very Important Info!

Recreational drugs

Koala smoking.JPG

Ok, I know a lot of recreationally drugs are legal within the U.S. and throughout some places in other countries..

However Indonesia has a ZERO drug tolerance!  Don't even try to bring CBD or any oils with you thinking it may be fine. They have serious penalties amongst it also the death penalty which is still used for smuggling...


bali belly.JPG

It is generally no problem to eat and drink what you want in Bali, but we urge to use common sense here!

We recommend to avoid the following:


-Drinking Tap Water

- In some cases ice cubes

- Undercooked food like meat or fish


- Raw Food

It also depends on the location. If you are dining in a 5 Star Hotel or renown chain most of the food should be safe

Local Customs

Angry Koala.JPG

Its always good to get familiar with local customs.

There is a few customs that seem no problem at all to the western culture but should be avoided in Bali and Indonesia

Here is a few:

- Avoid using your left hand for giving or accepting things

- Do not point your toes towards a buddha statue or symbol

- Do not visit temples wearing revealing clothes. etc.

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